Community Fitness on Bainbridge Island

Jazzercise® – Music, Dance, Cardio, Strength!


Yoga Trapeze®

Hang around upside down – helps alignment, releases chronic tension


Basi Mat Pilates

BASI repertoire®


Castor Fitness — Boxing

Expert training, with body builder Castor Guzman


A Fitness Space for the Bainbridge Island Community—
All the Fitness that Fits!

Fusion Fitness Studio Bainbridge Island is a community fitness space and the location of Jazzercise on Bainbridge. Our goal is to offer a variety of group classes—taught by inspiring instructors—that will train, shape and energize you. Fusion Fitness Studio is open to multiple fitness disciplines—whether it be yoga, dance fitness, strength training, or Pilates, we want to create a community where each person can achieve their health and fitness goals. If you are an instructor looking for a space, we would love to have you join our community!

Jazzercise and More!

Jazzercise® is the original dance party workout. Blending dance with Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and strength training, one 55-minute session can burn up to 800 calories. The results? Long, lean muscles and an undeniable mood boost. Check our calendar to find a class, or find out more about Jazzercise here. Take a look at our pricing and find specials for new students.

We are Looking for Instructors to Share Our Gym Space!

If you are a fitness instructor who would like to hold your classes at a great gym space on Bainbridge Island, contact us to find out what we offer and discuss available times, rates and other details. You can find out more about our beautiful space here.

New Classes at Fusion Fitness Studio

Yoga Trapeze®

A modern style of yoga that incorporates a hanging soft fabric hammock to explore alignment, release chronic tension, hang around upside down, and have fun!

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Jazzercise — The music is what makes our bodies move!

Download the current Jazzercise playlist.


Coming to Jazzercise is like a taking a shower. It takes time, but so refreshing, and I feel awesome for the whole day after. I couldn’t do without it!

Fatima Young

All three instructors at Jazzercise Bainbridge Island, are excellent! They have high energy, they keep everyone motivated, and they make it fun. The exercise gets me into my aerobic zone every time!

Barbara Von Tobel

I would like to commend Corrine for matching the music and workout to the Easter holiday… lots of fun and different steps and very cheerful!

Tarry Decker

Corrine is such a great inspiration! What a wonderful addition to our daily workout. Love her!


Complete workout for all ages at a fantastic facility.

Jean York

As a fitness instructor, I really enjoy working here. The studio has wonderful amenities, an incredible dance floor designed for any high impact exercises, and an overall beautiful layout and design. I would highly recommend this space for instructors to hold fitness classes, as well as for customers to attend classes.

Danita Morrison

Love Jazzercise! So fun to work out in a friendly place and great space!

Linda Campbell

Jazzercise keeps me going! It is a bright light on a dark day! I feel even more alive after the workout, ready to face life on life's terms.

Roberta Dueno