Yoga Trapeze® Workshops

Yoga Trapeze® is a modern style of yoga that incorporates a hanging soft fabric hammock to explore alignment, release chronic tension, hang around upside down, and have fun! The 3 levels of handles allow for upper body and core strength building, and is appropriate for all skill levels. For experienced yogis, trapeze yoga will add a new dimension to complement your existing practice. For those with little or no yoga experience, trapeze yoga is a great place to start.

Every class includes decompression, supported inversions, core and upper body strengthening, deep relaxation, and fun!

With the Yoga Trapeze® we increase our flexibility and strength, improve our balance and grip strength, and release tension from our back, neck and shoulders.* Doctors report 2 out of every 3 people suffer from chronic back pain at some point in their life, this can be caused from:

  • Lack of Flexibility in the shoulders, back muscles, hips, and tops of the legs can lead to injury and chronic pain. How does this happen? Working at a computer all day, commuting to work, lifting weights, and carrying children around the house all contribute to what I call a “locked up” spine. And a locked up spine is at least 8-times more injury prone than a loosy-goosy one. In this way, mobility and flexibility are essential for long-term spinal health.
  • Lack of Strength in your core leaves your spine unsupported and vulnerable. The abdominal muscles are actually spine support muscles, and a week gut means you’re at risk for injury. When you strengthen your core, you’re strengthening your spine—it’s that simple.
  • Stress & Tension in the muscles supporting the spine act like tight cables yanking at your vertebrae. Both physical and emotional stress go right into your upper back, neck, and shoulders as you clench those muscles in reaction to a high-pressure situation. Tense muscles crank and yank instead of stretching and yielding… all of which exacerbate the problem.
  • Lack of Movement in our day-to-day lives means that most of us simply do not twist, shake, rotate, bend backwards or forwards nearly enough (if at all); and as they say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it” — and this is why people throw out their back doing the simplest of movements… like lifting a box from the floor… ouch!

Thank you!

Heather Hayes
Certified Yoga Trapeze® Instructor

∗ The Yoga Trapeze® is NOT recommended for those who are pregnant, have had a recent surgery, have glaucoma, heart disease, very high or very low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, osteoporosis/ bone weakness, and/or other serious medical concerns.

Wednesdays: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
First class is FREE!
$20.00 per class, drop-in
3 classes for $55.00
5 classes for $75.00
Plus sales tax

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We will need to have a minimum of two and a max of 6 participants per class. If there are not enough participants and you are signed up for class, a class cancellation email will be sent out a couple of hours before class starts, so remember to check emails before you come.

To register or for more information, please contact Heather Hayes.
Phone: 360-731-6090
Credit/debit and PayPal are accepted.

I look forward  to HANGING out with you!

yoga trapeze, Fusion Fitness Studio, Bainbridge Island
yoga trapeze, Fusion Fitness Studio, Bainbridge Island